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The Pediatric department at Sri Narayani Hospital and research centre has the personalized touch of our Beloved ShakthiAmma with special interest in providing service to infants and children up-to 15 years of age. The facilities offered by the pediatric department include the outpatient department, the inpatient department including a separate Pediatric ward along with patients also in the private ward, the Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and also the neonates in the postnatal ward with round the clock emergency services offered in the emergency department.

The pediatric department has threewell-experienced consultants who are on call round the clock, along with a team of well-trained and dedicated pediatric nursing staff.

The Pediatric Outpatient Department:

The Pediatric outpatient department functions between 8am to 5pm from Monday till Saturday. We provide all kinds of vaccinations including the newer vaccines introduced under the guidelines of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics at patient friendly costs. Effective consultation is done for common childhood illnesses and also common systemic illnesses including asthma, seizure disorder, developmental and nutritional assessments, congenital and acquired heart diseases, eye, ENT and dental problems, urological and kidney problems, dermatological problems, etc with expert advice from the concerned specialists when needed.

The Pediatric Ward:

The inpatient department consists of a separate eight-bedded pediatric ward along with bed occupancy in the private ward in which children require hospitalizations for various general and systemic conditions are admitted and given appropriate treatment along with the tender loving care of the medical and the nursing staff.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):

The Neonatal intensive care unit functions as a secondary level care for the newborns born in our hospital and also referred from other medical centers. Our NICU has 3 advanced neonatal warmers with inbuilt phototherapy units, 3 separate phototherapy units one of which is a double surface phototherapy unit and an incubator for preterm care. We also have a neonatal ventilator for the management of sick babies at times of emergency. The NICU has been fully equipped to give very good care to all preterm babies, small for gestational age neonates, newborns with respiratory distress, sepsis, birth asphyxia, infants of diabetic mothers, neonatal seizures, etc. Our NICU staffs have good experience in handling newborns with utmost care and dedication.

We also have fully set resuscitation tables for receiving the newborns delivered in both the labor room and the operation theatre for good immediate resuscitation of the newborns born in our hospital round the clock by our pediatricians. We offer cord blood thyroid screening to all the newborns born in our hospital and also make sure that proper immunization is done to all the small ones. The pediatric department also provides routine care and consultation to all the newborns in the postnatal ward and makes sure that all babies are well at the time of discharge with advise for regular follow up. 

Other Services:

Ours is a Baby Friendly Hospital and we follow the ten steps of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Guidelines (BFHI) and also advice all the postnatal mothers to follow them. We celebrate all the National Health days and programs followed by the World Health Organization (WHO) relevant to the pediatric population such as World Breast feeding Week, ORS day, etc. to educate and bring awareness to our patients and also among the general population in the community. We train our nursing staff and also our nursing and paramedical course students through weekly and monthly classes. The pediatric department also takes part in pediatric health camps in schools and other rural areas conducted by the hospital in and around Vellore.

Paediatrics Consultant: