Facilities > Neurology&Neuro Surgery

The Department of Neurology provides care to patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, and muscle- related diseases and conditions. Utilising state- of-the-art technology and a world-class medical team, the following disciplines are offered:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases (Stroke) Centre
  • Epilepsy Centre
  • Headache Service
  • Movement Disorders and Gait Service
  • Neuromuscular Service
  • Comprehensive Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sleep Medicine

Neurosurgery is the speciality concerned with the surgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system composed of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, as well as the nerves that traverse the entire body.

The Department of Neurosurgery at AIMS is fully equipped to perform all types of surgeries for a wide range of illnesses. These include:

  • Congenital diseases of the brain and spine and other illnesses affecting children
  • Tumours of the brain, spine and spinal cord
  • Vascular diseases such as aneurysms and vascular malformations
  • Degenerative disc and other spinal diseases
  • Instrumentation of the spine and the cranio-vertebral junction
  • Diseases of the pituitary gland
  • Stereotactic surgery
  • Surgery for epilepsy and movement disorders
  • Stroke and haemorrhage in the brain and spinal cord

Neurology Consultant:

Dr. G. VIJAYA, MCh.,