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Commencement of CCC:

Sri Narayani Community Care Centre commenced its services from 1st June 2008 with the Divine blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma. The prime object of its inception is to provide quality care, treatment and support to people living with HIV, AIDS (PLHA) without recourse to caste, creed, race or religion.

Need felt:

The need for treatment and support for the HIV infected patient was felt when we found 54 positive cases amongest those who registered for various medical problems from 2004. We therefore initiated a Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre which is functioning from 01/11/07. We are providing Pre and Post test counseling. Since its inception, more than 150 patients have been found positive and they were counseled and referred to ICTC centers for further action. Our outreach workers carry out the follow-up on these patients.


The centre received and registered 1589 new cases since its inception. 4690 registrations were made for medical and psychological support. 3181 of them were treated as outpatients and 1509 of them were treated as inpatient, with a total of 4490 IP days.

Counseling services:

Apart from post test counseling, we are offering both individual and family counseling on regular basis. Group Counseling and Nutritional Counseling were offered to the clients on alternative weeks. We continue guiding them in relaxation therapies, legal services and spiritual activities

Outreach Programme:

Our Community health workers join hands with Community health departments periodically through Outreach programmes, which educate the general public as well as to the kith and kin of AIDS patients about the dangers of HIV infections, especially in accepting the realities of the disease taking care to treat them as any other patient. We observe World AIDS day regularly by conducting Essay competitions, debates, Patimandrams and processions. Condom promotion and distribution is one of the tasks taken up by outreach workers.

Available facilities:

  • We are equipped with experienced personnel to handle problems of the patient in an effective manner, along with the support from Community health, Psychiatry, Emergency medicine, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics departments of the hospital.
  • We are integrated with DOTS programme.
  • We are providing good, nutritious food with clean sanitary arrangements.
  • We are providing a place with good atmosphere to make the patients feel at home.
  • In order for the clients to spend quality time, when they are in the ward. They are offered news papers, magazines, books and a chanting box to promote peace of mind.